Thursday, August 10, 2006

Psalm 39

1 Chapter: Psalm 39

1 Verse:
Verse 13. Turn Your gaze away from me, that I may smile again before I depart and am no more.

1 Prayer: Father, You are the righteous Judge of all things. You see me in all my vanity and sin and selfish, self-righteous self-importance. There is no hope for me beneath Your perfect gaze, except insofar as You see me in and through the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Then and only then is Your gaze filled with infinite compassion, without a hint of eternal condemnation. Your eyes smile when they behold the extravagant passion of Your love for me in the life and death and resurrection of Jesus. And I smile again, too -- deliriously, almost disbelievingly -- that Your loving gaze beholds me as perfect and acceptable in Your sight.

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