Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Psalm 66

1 Chapter: Psalm 66

1 Verse:
Verse 13-14. I shall come into Your house with burnt offerings; I shall pay You my vows, which my lips uttered and my mouth spoke when I was in distress.

1 Prayer: How quickly I "forget" how truly desperate I am. I do not want to be reminded of how precarious my position is, or how utterly dependent I am on You. Yet the truth is I would be nowhere if not for Your love and grace. I have been in distress, and I have been delivered . . . over and over and over again. And each time You lead me into trial, You refine a bit more of my soul. But I don't want to remember how dark my soul can be. The words I speak in darkness, I want to ignore in the light. Father, help me to prove faithful to the test. Help me to keep the promises made to You in my need, so that I do not have to go back there to make them all over again.

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